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Tuckahoe History Committee

Welcome to the Tuckahoe History Committee link on our Village website.

Tuckahoe's history in photos >>

Tuckahoe Main Street

Our committee works hard to obtain and preserve photos, artifacts and news articles that has helped shape our wonderful Village.

Recently, we are thrilled to have obtained an image of President Rubly (after his term in 1914, the term "President" was replaced with "Mayor"). This has now allowed us to complete the images of all those who have served in this capacity in our Village since its inception and is displayed in Village Hall.

In addition, the committee has also borrowed issues of The Eastchester Citizens Bulletin and the Tuckahoe Record newspapers from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and have been very busy copying and categorizing information to make it easily accessible to residents.

And, a 100 year old Tuckahoe railroad sign was generously donated by Phil Pepe and is now displayed on top of the main showcase collection found on the 2nd floor of Village Hall.

Please take a moment to view the many images of Tuckahoe's quarries, streets and buildings from years past, by clicking the photo's link below.

Tuckahoe's history in photos >>

If you have photos, artifacts or wish to volunteer your time and become involved with the History Committee contact (914) 231-0224. Our group meets every Wednesday at 9:30am on the second floor of Village Hall.

We hope you can join us!