Vitual Program

How to access ZOOM from my computer: Click on your invitation link, it will look like this (example): https://zoom.us/j/93113648585?pwd=aTVlL25HY0JXUkZnazF1VUlnc2FrUT09. (option 1) If you have pre-installed the Zoom application on your computer, just click on "open Zoom," which will link to the meeting directly. (option 2) If you haven't pre-installed Zoom on your computer, click "cancel" if a popup box appears on your screen. Then click "click here to launch the meeting". Click "cancel" again if the popup box reappears. A smaller text will appear on the bottom of the screen, click on "if you cannot download or run the application, join from the browser". 

How to access Zoom via Mobile Phone or Tablet: First, download the Zoom app from the app store/google play. (option 1) You can click on the invitation link directly. (option 2) Open the app and click join a meeting. Type in the meeting ID number for the program. Enter password if required.

Do I need a Tuckahoe library card to register for programs?  No, you just need a Westchester Library Card.

I do not have a library card, how can I get one? If you do not have a library card and live in Westchester, please click here to apply for a virtual library card (Choose your home library from the drop-down menu). 

I attend school in Tuckahoe, can I apply to get a Tuckahoe Library card?  Yes, you can apply to receive a virtual Tuckahoe Library card here.

I have a Westchester library card, but lost it. What do I do? You can email the circulation desk at tukcirc@wlsmail.org. We will email you your information.