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Academic OneFile

Peer-reviewed, full-text articles from leading journals and reference sources. Extensive coverage of the sciences, technology, medicine, the arts, theology, literature and other subjects.

Directory of Open Access Journals

A service that covers free, full-text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals.

Educator’s Reference Complete

A resource of more than 1,100 periodicals and 200 reports for research and study in the field of education. It covers multiple levels of education from

preschool to college, and every educational specialty – such as technology, bilingual education, health education, and testing.  It also provides insight on issues in administration, funding, and policy.

american physical society journalssecrets of the sequenceOxford Islamic Studies Online

American Physical Society Journals (In library only) 

access to more than 10 journals published by the American Physical Society covering physics topics and interdisciplinary topics from current research to archives dating back to 1893.

The Secrets of the Sequences: Video series on the Life Sciences

50+  videos to assist teachers in incorporating the application of genetic research across the biology and life sciences curriculum into their teaching.

Oxford Islamic Studies Online

Reference source for research and study on Islamic history and culture.