Highlights of 2020


In January a fund raising letter was mailed to both property and business owners in the Village.  Many of the donations received included words of praise on how great the Village looks. Donations are acknowledged when received.

In May, 150 hanging baskets are hung along Main Street, Depot Square, Columbus Avenue and Fisher Avenue.  Geranium plants were planted in planter boxes at the Main Street Bridge and in various planters  throughout the two business districts of the Village.

Earlier in the year a new Lakeview sign was purchased and installed at Triangle Park.

Throughout the year, additional engraved pavers were purchased and installed at the Station Park on Columbus Avenue next to the Bagel Loft.

In late spring, a number of shrubs and flowers were added to the island at Lincoln Avenue and Marbledale Road and in late September purple and white cabbages, along with several white mums, were planted along Fisher Avenue.

In the summer a stone pillar at Dante Avenue entering from Columbus Avenue, was constructed and donated by the Rogliano Family; a bronze plaque on the pillar acknowledges the donation.  A new Parkview Heights neighborhood sign hangs on the pillar.

In late November, 100 double sided 24” fresh wreaths with lights and red velvet bows were hung on the lamp post in various areas of the Village.  The bridge was decorated with wreaths, lights and roping and the planter boxes on the bridge filled with assorted evergreens. Wreaths were hung on the Community Center and Library building and a very large wreath hung in the front of the Village Hall.  Wreaths and bows funded by Tuckahoe Beautification.  The Raffiani Foundation provided funding for the holiday lights.  The Department of Public Works provides the labor to plant, hang baskets, water and maintain the various planters and flower beds throughout the year.  In late November DPW is hard at work decorating the Village for the holiday season.  These men do a great job.  We thank the entire DPW staff.  We deeply appreciate the help they provide and the work they do.

In 2020 Tuckahoe Beautification received another large grant from same foundation that provided the grant last year.  Name of the foundation will be announced at a later date.  As of date, upgrades to the Community Center and Library are just about completed.  These noticeable improvements consist of brick facing, pavers installed in several areas, new benches, planters, sprinkler system and landscaping.  Further improvements are scheduled for that area.  New colorful benches were installed along the Metro North fence by Starbucks and post office building and a new bench by Carvel.  A new fence was installed with new stone work at the back of Village Hall on Underhill Street.  Work is underway to repoint and power wash the stone wall along Main Street in front of Village Hall.  New planters and benches have been earmarked for Main Street.  New blue dual trash and recycling bins will also be installed in the Village to replace the green receptacles. One has been installed by the Community Center parking lot.

Presently working on obtaining proposals to aesthetically improve other areas in the Village.