Historic Preservation Task Force



WHEREAS, the Village of Tuckahoe determines that the historical, architectural and cultural heritage of the Village is among the most important assets of the Village and,

WHEREAS, it is in the public interest of this Village to engage in a comprehensive community-oriented review for the consideration of historic preservation processes and legislation,

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees hereby creates the Historic Preservation Task Force (HPTF) according to the following guidelines:

The HPTF will have five (5) members who will be appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Board of Trustees

AND, to the extent possible, the HPTF membership shall strive to have the following qualities:

        (1)           architect or design professional;

        (2)           a local historian;

        (3)           a real estate professional;

        (4)           individuals with demonstrated significant interest in and commitment to the field of preservation planning as evidenced either by involvement in a local or regional historic preservation group, employment or volunteer activity in the field of preservation planning, or other serious interest in the field such as a degree or certificate program;     

        (5)           one shall be a member of the Tuckahoe Board of Trustees;

        (6)           all members shall have a known interest in historic preservation and planning within the Village of Tuckahoe; and,

        (7)           shall be a geographic cross-section of residents in the community.


The HPTF will have the following objectives:

  • Conduct research on existing historic preservation legislation, commissions, historic districts and sites within Westchester County
  • Identify and inventory “features and objects” within Tuckahoe Village having historic interest or value
  • Identify and contact historic preservation resources
  • Research studies describing the potential effects of historic designation on a community
  • Identify and conduct community outreach and engagement programs, including, but not limited to community surveys of attitudes and concerns regarding historic preservation
  • Create preliminary recommendations for the consideration of the Board of Trustees

If necessary, conduct community outreach regarding recommendations and assist Board of Trustees in the implementation of said recommendations

AND, the HPTF will pay particular attention to the following identified sites of importance to the community, as well as identified and suggested sites designated and recommended by the HPTF:

  • Ward House & Crawford Monument
  • Current Rivervue Building (historical Burroughs Welcome/ Hodgeman Rubber/ Revlon)
  • Generoso Pope Building (historical Village Hall)
  • Samuels Fee’s Washington Hotel
  • Parkway Casino
  • Village Hall (historical Assumption School, Main Street School)
  • Historic site of Lyric Theatre
  • Places of Worship:
  • Immaculate Conception
  • Assumption Church and Father Fata Hall
  • Korean Methodist Church (historical Genesis Synagogue)
  • Shiloh Baptist Church
  • Masonic Temple
  • Various Monuments (Vietnam, World War II, Gold Star, Korean, etc.)

AND, the HPTF will stay in place for a term of one year and can be renewed by a vote of the Board of Trustees

AND, it is expected that the HPTF will conduct the review in an open and objective manner; to consider all the benefits and risks; and to respect the reasonable opinions of all sides; and ultimately to recommend a course of action which is in the best interests of the Village and the majority of residents.