Motorcycle Patrol

The police department has unveiled a new motorcycle unit. The purchase of two Harley Davidson Police Edition Electra Glides and equipment was made possible by a grant from the Generoso Pope Foundation.

Pope Chief LT

The unit is made up of 2 Lieutenants and 2 Sergeants. Training for the unit consisted of two weeks at a police motorcycle operator school sponsored by the Yonkers Police Department.

The focus of the new unit is on community policing, special details, funerals, escorts, and enhanced traffic enforcement. Members of the unit conduct regular patrol operations while assigned to the motorcycle, as well as specific traffic enforcement.

Since the inception of the unit, officers performed multiple escorts supporting charities such as children's hospitals, veterans' groups and other community organizations. Officers also assist in a large funeral escorts, such as those for fallen law enforcement officers. They are proud to lead the way for the Tuckahoe/Eastchester Memorial Day Parade and other local parades.

Keep an eye out for members of the unit. We encourage you to stop and to talk to the officer to learn more about the unit.