Resident Parking

Resident Parking Stickers expire November 30th




Resident Parking Permit Required Documentation:

If you have a space in the driveway you must bring two registrations with the Tuckahoe address to show 1 vehicle goes in driveway, 1 vehicle goes in street.

Property Owners
  1. Valid registration - per car - with current Tuckahoe address
  2. We must be able to verify your name in the tax roll
  3. If you are a new homeowner - a copy of your deed is required
Non-Property Owners (Renters)
  1. Resident Parking Landlord Certification
  2. Valid registration - per car - with current Tuckahoe address
  3. Valid lease
  4. Con edison bill - for current address in your name
  5. Co-op owners must also provide a copy of their shares annually