The day-to-day responsibility for the operations of the Village are performed by a full-time Village Administrator who, per Village Code, shall:

  1. See that the laws of the State and the local laws, resolutions and rules of the Village are faithfully executed
  2. Exercise supervision over the conduct of all functions and activities of the Village and of its officers and employees, except the Village Justice, Village Clerk, Village Treasurer and Village Counsel;
  3. From time to time make reports to the Board of Trustees upon the affairs of the Village, and recommend to the Board such measures as he may think necessary or appropriate;
  4. Keep the Board of Trustees fully advised of the financial condition of the Village and its future financial needs;
  5. Conduct a continuing study of all functions and activities of the Village for the purpose of devising ways and means of obtaining greater efficiency and economy;
  6. Have such powers and duties, not inconsistent with law, as from time to time may be provided by resolution of the Board of Trustees.