Commuter Parking

The Village of Tuckahoe offers metered parking throughout the Village for Non-Residents of Tuckahoe (Commuters). Additionally, annual parking permits can be purchased for one of the several lots in the Village.

Commuters using the Tuckahoe Train Station, click here for more information! Commuters using the Crestwood Train Station, click here for more information!


  • Fees for Annual Commuter Permit Parking for Non-Residents (Commuters) include the following:
    • $675 for the following parking lot:
      • Parkway Oval
    • $1,700 for the following parking lots:
      • Columbus Avenue 
      • Oak Avenue
      • Cameron Avenue
      • Underhill Street
      • Main Street 
      • Elm Street
      • Van Duzen Place
      • Depot Square 
      • Thompson Street
      • Fisher Avenue
      • Lake Avenue

Please be aware that those who have a Commuter Parking Permit are not permitted to park in metered areas without payment. The use of Commuter Parking Permits are strictly for the assigned parking lot.

The application for a Village Commuter Parking Permit can be found below: