Quick Reference for Sanitation and Recycling Pickup

Remember! Consult the sanitation calendar for holiday changes in the basic pickup schedule

Monday: Household trash and refuse.

Tuesday: Bulk items and e-waste.

The Tuesday bulk pickup includes such items as sofas, dressers, shelving, and other large pieces of furniture and household items; construction debris is to be discarded privately.
Electronic equipment such as computers, monitors, stereos and microwaves qualify as e-waste pickup items.

Wednesday: Recyclable glass, plastics, newspaper, and cardboard.

Recyclable glass and plastic items should be thoroughly rinsed and newspapers and cardboard should be bagged or tied. Recyclables are not to be put out in plastic bags.
Many items that may seem to be recyclable cannot be accepted by current law: such items include waxed milk cartons, and styrofoam. If you have any doubt about whether an item is recyclable, please consult the reference guide or call us and we will help clarify.
Glass items, such as drinking glasses, light bulbs, crystal, mirror and window glass should be treated as bulk pickup items.

Thursday: Metal items and yard waste.

From October 15 to December 1, leaves should be raked and piled by the curb for pick-up; please make sure that such piles are free of rocks and other debris.
Paint cans and other metal containers that may have contained hazardous substances do not qualify as metal items for pickup. Such items should be left open to dry and treated as bulk pickup.
Large items such as refrigerators and other appliances qualify as metal pickup items.

Friday: Household trash and refuse.

If in doubt about any of the above, feel free to call the Department of Public Works at (914)-231-0214. We are here to serve you, and your active and thoughtful cooperation is appreciated.

Together, we can make our village a cleaner and greener place to live!

Any questions, please call (914) 231-0214.